Life from cosmos

Cosmic rays continuously reach the earth's surface: from their interaction with the water molecules present in the soil, in plants, in the snow, a suspended "fog" of neutrons is formed. The CRNS probes (cosmic ray neutrons sensing) allow to count these neutrons and therefore to determine the water content present in the soil, in the bio mass, in the snow.


Why Finapp?

What makes Finapp probes different from other CRNS on the market?

  • Use of plastic and metallic materials –patented- that are much easy to find, light, less expensive and bulky.
  • Total customizable thanks to its modular design (patented).
  • Real time measurement thanks to the on-board measure of the total income of cosmic ray - unique on the market(patented).
  • High performance: count up to 3’000 neutrons/h.
  • Ecofriendly: we do not use polluting materials or nuclear fission reaction by-products.


Who needs Finapp probes?


Do you need to irrigate? What is the soil moisture? Is the fruit ripe? Finapp answers these and other questions in a completely new way, find how.


How much water is "trapped" into the snow? How much energy will the downstream hydroelectric power plant produce when the snow has melted? Finapp has the answer, here's how.

Water leaks

Approximately 30% of the water introduced into aqueducts is lost every year. Finapp can help counter this waste, in a completely new way.


Finapp probes are the ideal tool for doing research in universities, for public or private institution.



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