Do you need to irrigate? What is the soil moisture? Is the fruit ripe? What is the BWE? Finapp answers these questions in a completely new way. Forget punctual probes, forget satellite observation, only a true technological revolution could change the cards and we did it! Find out how.

Both Soil Moisture and Biomass Water Equivalent depend strongly on the type of soil. The heterogeneity of the soil is such that, a few meters away, the water content available for growing crops can vary significantly. For this reason, having a datum averaged over a sufficiently large area to consider the whole spectrum of soil heterogeneity is of fundamental importance.
In addition, it is equally important to know the soil moisture not only at a surface level, but also in depth, up to where typically the roots of the crops settle.
Our innovative probe meets both of these requirements, with a single instrument, installed at about 2m above ground level, so to not interfere with field activities, minimize maintenance costs, guarantee a long life and facilitate data collection, their reading and interpretation.


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The unique of this approach are several:

  1. Areal measurement of soil moisture / BWE: footprint is of about 5 - 10 hectares at sea level, depending on installation height. 
  2. Down to 50cm into dry soil (soil humidity <10%)
  3. Insensitive to soil inhomogeneous profile
  4. Easy to install: a flat terrain is not required
  5. Easy to maintenance: out from the ground
  6. High durability: not buried into the terrain
  7. Off-the-grid enabled, powered by solar panels with a backup battery (power consumption about 0.4Wh)