Luca Stevanato

Researcher of Applied Physics, (cultural heritage, environment, biology and medicine).Luca Stevanato graduated with honors in Nuclear Physics at the University of Padua in September 2009. Since October of the same year he has been working at the "Galileo Galilei" Physics Department of Padua, first as a fellow and then as a PhD student. He obtained his doctorate in Physics in April 2013. Since 2016 he has been a researcher at the same university in the field of applied nuclear physics.

He is responsible for the Physics Laboratory course at the master's degree in Physics.

He holds two European patents in the field of nuclear physics, and has also filed a third patent for the measurement of biomass, snow and soil moisture through the use of cosmic neutrons. In 2018 he founded Finapp srl, of which he is the CEO, together with 3 other researchers.