Water leaks

About 30% of the water introduced into aqueducts around the world is lost every year. The cause? Of the trivial "losses". Millions and millions of € are therefore invested to find these water leaks with the most varied methods. Finapp provides a new and revolutionary way to intervene promptly, find out how

Thanks to the unique feature of our probe such as:

  1. High performance in neutron counting thanks to the modular design - patented
  2. Compactness and lightness, thanks to the use of plastic and metallic materials - patented
  3. Real time measurements, thanks to the total income directly estimated by our probe - patented

It is possible to install it on a moving vehicle, to investigate water content in the soil not only through time, but also through space. This allows to detect water leaks along the aqueduct pipes. A water leak along an aqueduct will significantly increase the humidity of the soil below, whether we are in the countryside or in the city and our probe will capture this phenomenon by showing a decrease in the number of neutrons. The presence of asphalt or cement does not interfere with our probe since these materials do not have water molecules inside them


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The advantage of this approach are several:

  1. Cheaper compared with a human check along the aqueduct
  2. Quicker, since water leak are made visible before it reach the surface
  3. More efficient compared with satellite detection that are available only few times per year
  4. It works also in the cities: the asphalt does not interfere with our probe