Why Finapp?

What makes Finapp probes different from other CRNS on the market?

  1. use of plastic and metallic materialspatented-  that are much easy to find, light, compact, and less expensive.
  2. Total customable thanks to its modular design (patented). 
  3. Real time measurement thanks to the on-board measure of the total income of cosmic ray - unique on the market (patented). 
  4. High performance: count up to 3’000 neutrons/h
  5. Ecofriendly: we do not use polluting materials or nuclear fission reaction by-products.

Finapp probes can be customized according to customer needs, thanks to our patented modular design. However we have created a catalogue with two different versions, Finapp 3 and Finapp 5, which respond to most of the markets needs. Both versions consist of:

  1. Patented neutron / muon detector
  2. A custom low consumption electronic board (about 0.4 Wh)
  3. Backup battery (14Ah), photovoltaic integrated panel (20W) allow off the grid use
  4. All contained in a watertight box (IP67)
  5. The overall size of Finapp 3 probe is: 40x30x20cm, for a weight of about 5kg
  6. The overall size of Finapp 5 probe is: 50x30x20cm, for a weight of about 6kg


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The Finapp 3 is the ideal tool in Agriculture, for knowing the soil moisture thanks to its extreme lightness and compactness. The count of 1,000 neutrons per hour guarantees the performance necessary to have accurate and continuous estimates over time.

The Finapp 5 is designed for more particular uses, such as the areal estimate of the SWE (snow water equivalent, i.e. the water contained in the snow) or of the BWE (biomass water equivalent, i.e. the water contained in the bio mass such as trees or fruit) or to search for water leaks along the aqueducts. For all these purposes, maximum sensitivity is required, which can be reached thanks to a 3,000 neutrons per hour count, without affecting the lightness and compactness of the probe.